Gaming cost per hour

Came across a reddit discussion on gaming cost per hour. Its a concept (cost per use) I’ve heard of before to decide on what to buy. I.E. You make a lot of coffee so you might decide to get a better coffee maker, since your cost per use will be better, as opposed to something you might just use once or twice.

In terms of gaming for example. I played Battlefield Bad Company 2 for 442 hours and bought it for around R380 so that translates to R0.86/hour

Oxygen Not Included is R1.32/hour
Cities: Skylines is R3.47/hour ← this is what happens with DLC lol

There is also quality of time to take into consideration. Don’t want to be one of those people that plays a game for >1000 hours and then gives it a bad review.


I’ve never been fond of this analogy for games. The quality metric is extremely important. I don’t know of anyone who’d say a boring 3 hour movie was better value than a 1.5 hour movie that’s more exciting.

It makes more sense with hardware, like a coffee maker. If I get a consistently good cup or if it takes less time to make than another machine, then I’d pay for it and consider it worthwhile. The same is true for gaming hardware.

I would pay R1000 for a 10 hour game, if it gave me a great experience. A R150, roguelite, indie game might net me more hours, but not more enjoyment.

I’ve played 1056 hours of Overwatch and it’s consisted of some of the best and worst experiences in gaming that I’ve had. That’s R0.43 an hour.