Gaming news you may have missed: 11 December to 17 December

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean there is no news. And while the news hasn’t been all that exciting, there are a few articles that may have slipped under your radar during the week

Here are some of the highlights:

To play online co-op in A Way Out, only one person needs to own the game

In a tweet by the charismatic game designer, Josef Fares confirmed that in A Way Out, only one person needs to buy the game for two people to play. How that will work exactly is still a mystery, but that is rather good news for a co-op game.

PCGamer GOTY 2017: Divinity: Original Sin 2

Something that will shock almost no-one ever, PC Gamer has crowned Divinity Original Sin 2 as its GOTY. Well deserved seeing as it also won the incredibly prestigious MyGaming GOTY as well.

CryTek, creator of CryEngine, sue Cloud Imperium Games over now-unlicensed use of CryEngine and breach of contract during the development of StarCitizen and SQ42

To add more problems to the already vaporware-like StarCitizen, it is now being sued by Crytek on using their engine.

PUBG performs badly on Xbox One and Xbox One X

In even more “yeah-duh” news of the week, PUBG seems to not be so well optimised for the Xbox One X as expected. Seeing as the game is a hot mess in any case on PC, and still in early access, that was almost a given.

Square Enix will not add microtransactions to its single-player games
It’s sad that this is something that would make the gaming headlines, but this is the world we live in now.

And remember, enjoy your holidays and keep informed!!


Really like the weekly updates of newsworthy news…

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Will star citizen ever see the light of a full release?