Gaming news you may have missed: 12 February to 18 February

Another week of gaming news has come and gone, and some articles have flown under the radar. Here are some of the best news you need to know.

PS4 exclusive Shadow of the Colossus tops UK chart, exceeds original PS2 launch sales by 73%

The re-release of Shadow of the Colossus arrived 2 weeks ago, and it seems the sales have done very well indeed, exceeding the original sales figures by some margin

Loot box legislation established in the state of Hawaii

The state of Hawaii is moving ahead in pushing a new bill to regulate the use of lootboxes and microtransactions in games. Let’s see if it passes and if other states and countries follow suit.

Blizzard invites Warcraft 3 players to offline event

Get out the speculation hats, it’s time to run the rumour mill once again. It seems there is some news that will come from Blizzard relating to Warcraft 3. Perhaps Warcraft 4? One can only hope

For Honor hits over 7.5 million players, has over 1 million unique monthly active users

Remember For Honor? Remember all the news about player drop-off? Well it seems Ubi is pulling another grand turnaround, as For Honor has a really healthy player base indeed

Sea of Thieves Will Add Microtransactions Around 3 Months After Release

So the highly anticipated pirate-em-up will indeed be getting cosmetic-only microtransactions. Interestingly, only 3 months after the release of the game.

And those are the news articles for you to mull over. And remember, stay informed!


I had the discussion around the Warcraft 3 thing with a few friends yesterday. I doubt it is Warcraft 4 and a Warcraft 3 remaster is much more likely, IMO.
I’d love to be wrong though, with Blizz announcing Warcraft 4 instead.

It is the same how I believe we will see a Diablo 2 remaster before we ever see a Diablo 4 (and I might be oky with that).


I really have no problem with cosmetic only microtransactions. The developers/publisher get money and no one is disdvantaged gameplay wise.


I’m game either way. I’ve been itching for a new WarCraft for ages. WC3 is a phenomenal game and if they remaster it, I’ll probably buy it again.

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And you’re not in the minority either:

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Yeah don’t get me wrong, I’ll still get and replay a WC3 remaster. It is a fantastic game, however I would prefer a new game to a remaster.

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What makes a possible WC4 tricky, at least in my view, is how you follow the events of WC3 in a logical fashion, assuming you even want to. Obviously the WC story has been advanced in some fashion by WoW, so do you work that in and pick up somewhere after all the major events of WoW, or do a bit of a clean break story-wise?

Taking myself as an example, I have never played WoW and don’t plan to, so for me it’s disappointing that I didn’t get to experience the rest of Arthas’ story which ended on such a cliffhanger in Frozen Throne. Maybe a soft reboot with new characters and some subtle throwbacks to previous stories would be best. What do you think?