Gaming news you may have missed: 15 January to 21 January

Another week, and another roundup of the top gaming headlines of last week.

Stardew Valley creator teases multiplayer

The latest Stardew Valley add-on is imminent, and ConcernedApe is just making us all salivate at the idea of playing farm with our friends. No word yet if the game will be platform agnostic or not, or when we will get to play the multiplayer, but I certainly cannot wait!!

Fans remake Silent Hills P.T. for the PC, and you can download the prototype versions

For fans of the PT demo a while ago, fans have remade that into a standalone version and made it available on PC. So you can go scare yourself on your uber gaming machine!!

A Hat In Time will release a free DLC in 2018 which includes co-op, New Game+ and a new chapter
In an age where DLC and content are all locked behind a paywall, it’s great to see the Indie darling A Hat In Time add content for free this year.

Tencent helps Chinese police arrest 120 PUBG cheat creators
With cheating so prevalent in PUBG from Chinese gamers, it’s good to see a crackdown from the authorities on these cheaters.

Metal Gear Survive Requires Constant Internet Connection, Has Microtransactions

The Kojima-less Metal Gear game is shaping up to anger many gamers around the world. It’s been reported that it will require a constant internet connection, and will have microtransaction. Shame on you Konami!!

And that is it for our roundup of the best news articles of the week. Remember, stay informed!!


That’s awesome about PT! I’ll definitely go grab that. Thanks, I didn’t know about that at all.

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