Gaming news You May Have Missed: 22 January to 28 January

Another week has gone by with a myriad of gaming news from around the world. Here are some highlights of the week you may have missed.

Activision’s ‘Destiny 2’ is ‘struggling’ as gamers are unhappy over microtransactions

When CNBC reports on the financial failings of a game, then you know something is not right. Destiny 2’s issues have spilt over into mainstream media, and gamers and investors are not happy.

Epic is closing “Paragon” on April 26th 2018. Offering full refunds.

Sad news for fans of the game, Paragon is closing down on April 26. The game had a lot of promise, but failed to deliver in the shadow of behemoths such as Overwatch.

BioWare are “hard at work” on a new Dragon Age game

After the debacle that was Mass Effect, Bioware has been hard at work on the next Dragon Age, and while it’s early days, the development team confirms that the game will be story and character focused.

The next Steam sale is Lunar New Year Sale and will run from February 15th to 19th.

Get your wallets ready people, the data miners at Steam Database has found that the next Steam sale may be around the corner.

Valve responds to ESL’s DMCA takedowns of independent Twitch streams

The controversy of the ESL’s streaming on Facebook has been interesting to follow. The ESL sent DMCA takedown notices to Twitch streamers that streamed the tournament the past week. This did not go down well with papa Valve, and they had to respond to the controversy.

And there you have it, a round-up of the biggest news stories from the world of gaming. And remember, stay informed.


Destiny 2 might be struggling with player engagement but I’m sure they sold a lot of units beforehand.

True, but ai think they overestimated the revenue they will get from microtransactions, and player engagement has been dropping off a lot the past few weeks. Seems a lot of people started and played it, but there wasn’t the continuous play time Activision was hoping for.

Sadly true but hopefully they have been bitten and will be more careful with their next purchases.

Aww poor paragon, played it a small bit, was ok and looked very cool, but my big problem with it was the respawn times were way too long. It really did have potential, but yeah didn’t think lt would last too long.