Gaming news you may have missed: 4 December to 10 December

Last week we got a bunch of reveals and announcements at the Game Awards. It was also PSX this weekend. So lots of interesting events happening in the world of gaming.

Here are some of the more popular articles you may have missed:

EA Leak Gives Us A Glimpse At How Publishers Plan Marketing Campaigns

Very interesting read in the marketing minds of EA, and how they are planning on ruining their upcoming games.

PUBG’s new desert map is a huge step up

PUBG’s new map is up and running, just in time for the Xbox One release this week, and the overall 1.0 release on 20 December.

Mega Man 11, coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC in Late 2018

The hit franchise Mega Man is coming to all the consoles in late 2018. This will be especially good news for Switch fans.

Steep received an update which enables you to unlock new sports just through in-game currency, prior only accessible through purchasing the DLC
Ubisoft is really turning a corner it seems, with DLC content that can be unlocked with in-game currencies. And not a microtransaction in site…

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has surpassed 25 million registered players worldwide

Remember when Rainbow Six: Siege launched and nobody played it? Well, again it seems Ubisoft is turning a new page as they’ve grown the franchise into a multiplayer behemoth with more than 25 million players worldwide…

So there you go, some news stories to read this Monday morning. And keep yourself informed.