Gaming news you may have missed: 5 February to 11 February

With more news articles being posted on the site, it’s becoming hard to find the nuggets that you may have missed. Luckily my sources are vast and endless, and I found the news stories that you need.

Activision Blizzard makes 4 billion USD in microtransaction revenue out of a 7.16 billion USD total in 2017

And here is why we will never see the end of microtransactions, as it was reported that Activision, for the first time ever, made more money from them than actual game sales.

[RUMOUR]Sony Surveying Users on Potential PSN Name Changes

Some PSN users during last week received a survey from Sony, with the content potentially pointing to a possible name change of PSN. My vote goes to The Network 5000

Capcom Lays Off Staff, Cuts Scope On Next Dead Rising

Bad news for the studio fans, as Capcom “restructured” it’s Vancouver office, which will impact 30% of the employees there.

This year’s Call of Duty game is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, multiple sources have confirmed

Well, it is inevitable that we will be getting a new COD this year, and it seems all roads lead to Black Ops 4.

Mojang’s Scrolls game server will shut down on Feb 13th

Remember that game the developers of Minecraft made after Minecraft? Yeah, me neither. And as it turns out, neither did anyone else. Scrolls will be shutting down tomorrow.

And that’s the roundup of news stories you need to know. And remember, stay informed!!


I vaguely remember mention about scrolls. But I think that Hearthstone was just way bigger and ate up any players that might have tried it.

I weep.

And agree — so long as people keep voting with their wallet in this direction, big gaming companies will continue to focus on growing in that direction.

After years of trying to catch the same lightning in a bottle that Blizzard did with WoW, they’ve finally found a way to get people to keep paying for games post release.

I remember Scrolls! Specifically the controversy Bethesda courted by suing Mojang over calling its game “Scrolls” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah yes I remember that. And Notch’s great idea of battling for the rights to the name by ways of Quake Deathmatch