Gaming Screenshots Thread


Also wondered but I see in mousing over that the image is labelled BF1


no thats battlefield 1, one of the campaign missions


Forgot how good Forza Horizon 4 looks…



Mudrunner: Spintires


I keep missing you live, for reasons, but see you’ve been playing a lot of Spintires on stream. Watched a few bits from a couple of your VODs yesterday and it looks like you have a heck of a lot of fun with it. I see the base game is on XBox Game Pass - worth the download without any having of the add-ons or expansions?


I miss you too @GregRedd :grin: yeah, a lot has changed since you were last there.
The base game gives you 6 maps and each map takes me about 3-4 hours. Then there’s a dlc (which i somehow got when i bought the base game) which gives you 2 extra maps, and maybe a truck or two.
Then there’s the recent paid expansion that is the American one that gives you 2 more totally different maps based in the USA, all the other maps are based in Russia/Europe area. All those trucks are new also.

So all in all there’s lots to do and it will take a while even to get through the base game, but if you like slow and steady kind of simulators then yeah give it a try. You’ll actually progress slower by trying to do things quickly. I compare it to those Euro Truck simulators, but offroad in the mud.

Let me know if you like it or hate it or if you need help with things on it. I’m currently on the last last last map of them all so I’ll be totally done with it by the weekend probably. I really enjoy it and the people like it when I almost tip over or if I get stuck in the mud. Then they laugh at me :grin:

Ps. You need to be present to have your name put up on the wall :stuck_out_tongue:


Frostbite might be difficult but it is pretty

Shadow of The Tomb Raider


Some more of the usual. Spaceships, sunsets, etc.


Good old AC Unity