Gaming Screenshots Thread


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One of my favourite threads back on that other place was the Screenshots Thread. So here’s a fresh mew one. :slight_smile: As before, please try to keep to screens that you make yourself, always from in-game play. And, unless it’s really obvious like the 2 belwo, please do mention the game and platform so that others who may not be familiar with it know what they’re looking at.

Here’s 2 to start from my travels around Forza 7 (on PC) last night:


@SIGSTART Love the way image uploads are handled now! The lightbox and being able to right-click to a full size version without random compression is brilliant.


So I can legitimately re-spam all my Star Citizen screenies in here? :smiley:


Absolutely, but maybe not all of them, just the best few. And then hopefully @BeoTeK will start posting some of his fantastic shots from Elite again, and @DieGrootHammer (?was it you?) can do the same from No Man’s Sky, and space game fans can realise that it’s actually okay to enjoy and appreciate different games all at the same time :slight_smile:

(was replying to you in the SC thread, and landed up tagging you here instead - sorry.)


No worries! I’ll pick out a few of my favourites and upload them shortly.


Some of my absolute favourite shots from Star Citizen Alpha 3.0:


And to follow that up, my favourite screenies from 3.1 (so far):



Far Cry 5 is absolutely stunning on the Xbox One X…here are a few screenshots

Also, I stumbled upon this next scene while out hunting. A guy plays a loving song on the guitar while the couple dances. It was such a tender and romantic moment.


Brilliant. The guns spoil the moment a little though :smiley:



took a 4k mirrors edge screenshot on the xbox one X (its amazing what the xbox one X does to enhance certain 360 titles)


Some more space prettiness.


Very little to add to this. Just wow.



all images captured on my xbox one X (images reduced to 1600x900 for filesize purposes)


Some awesome shots Dohc! How did you get the logo-less pit lane Porsche screenshot in Forza? Loving the Photomode in FM7, but could do without the logo on everything…


i brought up the guide and then pressed the yellow button. I didnt use the forza photo mode


used the old schoolish style filter to make it look like it was taken in the 90’s (since these are 90’s classics)


Eish. So many classics in one shot.