Gear 5 Official Discussion Thread

Gears 5 is launching tomorrow to the world, but pre-orders and people with Game Pass Ultimate have been playing the game since last Friday. I have GPU, so I installed the game and got a few hours to play.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and runs like a dream on the Xbox One X. Resolution at 4K, framerate at 60 fps, such a pretty game and runs so well. It plays well too. All Gears games always feels satisfying to play, and this one is no exception. Gameplay is fluid and fun, and the gun battles are ferocious and fast.

The story so far is also much better than Gears 4. Already I am much more emotionally involved with the characters, and the story is well written and acted.

I have just entered the open world part of the game, which is about 3 hours into the story. But so far I am loving the game. Definitely one of the better Gears of War games I’ve played.

Has anyone else played the game?


It’s surprisingly cheap on Steam at R329! Almost impulse-bought it last night…

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thats cause its not the play anywhere version that you get on the windows/xbox store

I don’t have an XBONE nor do I have a Game Pass sub, so the Steam route is by far the cheapest to go for for someone like me.

I’m hearing good things about the game. I played the first Gears on PC many years ago with a friend and it was awesome! I still need to work my way through the sequels first though - I played most of Gears 2 but didn’t get to finish it at the time so my plan is to pick up from 2 and work my way through.

This is the first Geras game I have played since Gears 1 back in the day and the beginning of 4.

So far it feels amazingly smooth, almost on Destiny levels of smooth. Gunplay is fun and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Excited to continue the game when I have some free time again.

Isn’t Game Pass for PC something like R50 per month? Not sure.

Not sure, but I think it’s more expensive. I don’t buy into gaming subs, as I don’t have time to leverage their benefits. I buy games at absolute bargain prices and stretch out a playthrough over a year or more. I don’t have much time to game anymore (around 10 hours a month), so it works out cheaper for me in the long run to buy a game.

Case in point: I bought AC: Odyssey for R400 recently. A Uplay+ sub would cost me around R240 per month. The game will take me 4 or more months to complete at this rate, which would mean the sub would cost me 5+ times what the game cost me…

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Fair enough.

Well, the beta price for Game Pass is only R15.90. So I signed up for the one month to check out the game. If the campaign length in Gears 1 is anything to go by, I’ll be able to complete it in the month’s time and get my 2 liter Coke’s worth of gameplay.


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