Gears Tactics

It’s finally available from tomorrow I think. On PC only for now and is free on Game Pass or on Steam for R329.

It currently has a Metacritic score of 81. With some sites loving it and others not so much.

Personally, I’m going to wait a bit before playing it. Will any of you be playing when it comes out?


@oltman is playing it right now. He got a review copy of the game.


A quick playthrough of one of the earlier missions, right after the tutorials levels. I fail miserably.

Also check out for more!


Nice gameplay session!

“Critters, bugs, big guys and little guys” you kill them all! E3 scripted demo indeed! :rofl:


Haha, as much as I enjoyed the Gears games, I never really got into the lore. I think it shows… :joy:


This will be my first Series X game. Wanted to play it since it came out for the pc.


I’ve played this quite a bit now and overall I’m a bit disappointed. The game looks great and sounds great but overall it’s a bit boring. Side missions are overused and they are so much of the same. And even though the game isn’t easy, it doesn’t have that tension of the XCOM games. The XCOM games also have the research and development part that’s completely missing from Gears Tactics.

So the first act is great because it’s not a bad game but then with every mission it becomes just more of the same.

Will still finish it.


I gave up with Gears Tactics…purely because it just had no substance to it. There’s very little development of the player characters. There’s very little difference between a level 1 say Heavy and a fully upgraded Heavy.

Case drops of “Rare” equipment is so common it could have just been labeled common.

There’s also a heavy focus on cosmetics and it pisses me off.

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I’m also going to give up. At a really difficult mission now and just don’t feel like it’s worthwhile continuing. I really expected more from the game. In fact, if they left out the mandatory side missions then I would have liked it a lot more.