Geforce 1660ti

Seems to be decent value if you don’t need/want rtx.

The current price point makes it a little pointless though you could just as well get a GTX 2060

Well… You could get an entry-level 2060 for a comparable price, maybe. Question is, would you really want to buy an entry level 2060? The really good ones are closer to R10k.

For 1070-level performance, around the R6k mark is not bad. Closer to R5k would be better. Overall, the card looks fairly interesting, apart from the stupid name.

Nah the @2060 prices are around 6-7K at the moment not 10K, the 1660ti is also around 6k around give or take R500-R1000 for either

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OK fair, you can get a good 2060 for around R7500. The 2060 according to the numbers is around 12% faster at 1080p and 1440p, so if the price difference is around the same, you could really go either way.