General News Sites

What general news sites do you make use of?

I used to use News24 but they really started irritating me these days and then they did the whole pay for articles thing, so I moved to EWN.

Also Daily Maverick and the MyBroadband forums.

What about the rest of you? Anything you can recommend?


I don’t really trust the news anymore. I follow certain people on twitter (mostly American people). I get the mybb and businesstech newsletter, also Daily Maverick on twitter. Anything major will show up on twitter anyway especially if you follow some news type people, Bruce whitfield, Pauli van Wyk.


Maverik and My broadband. I got them on RSS using an app called Feedly on my phone and PC.


I like Feedly, but I read news fortnightly or if someone mentions something I search for it. Generally distrust most sources, and look for at least 3 sources of something.


Recently I subscribed for The Economist newsletter. Usually it is a subscription service, but they’ve made a lot of their stuff freely available during the pandemic.

In South Africa, my colleagues at BusinessTech do a great job, so I read them. I also read Daily Maverick.

Working in media, I have access to Bloomberg for international news, which I realise not everyone can pay for.


I stick to Daily Maverick (Ive subbed to them because their content is well worth it)
BusinessTech I will check once in a blue moon and Sig’s articles on Mybroadband.

Otherwise I avoid it - I even hate the evening news on tv - it feels like they are just doing fluff pieces, even the proper stories doesnt feel like they want to say what they really want.

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Daily Maverick have some great, well researched articles. But mostly I follow what piques my interest in my Google feed. I also laugh at some of the content it’s algorithms serves up.