Getting errors when trying to get outlook to import hotmail



Ive been trying for hours on end to get outlook 2010 to link up with my mum’s hotmail address

And firstly - No she will not use the intergrated mail app on windows 10 - she hates it with a passion (to the extent that she yelled at me for 30mins about how kak it is last night)

Im positive Im doing something stupid to make it fail - I have tripple checked the info, from passwords, address, servers the works - and I still cant get it to read the server.


A couple of thoughts:

Is there perhaps a setting in the Hotmail account itself that you need to set to allow pop3 access to the account? I haven’t done it for ages but a vaguely recall something like that in my old gmail account.

Try using and as the incoming and outgoing server addresses. That’s what the used to be when it changed from Hotmail to Live before it became Outlook.

Tick the “Require logon using SPA” box and then check in the advanced settings/more settings that “outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “use same settings as my incoming mail server” are both selected.

And then one last tab under Advanced check these:
Make sure This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) is checked under Incoming server (POP3):.
Make sure SSL is selected for Use the following type of encrypted connection: under Outgoing server (SMTP):
Check that “995” appears under Incoming server (POP3:) and “25” under Outgoing server (SMTP):.


Is there a reason you want to use pop instead of imap ?

Is pop allowed on the Hotmail settings ?

To Enable POP access in
If you want to use POP to access your email in, you’ll first need to enable POP access.
Select Settings icon > Options.
In the menu on the left, select POP and IMAP.
Under POP options, select Yes under Let devices and apps use POP.
Select Save.


We fixed it by installing 2013 - it seems 2010 is the problem.