God of War

Anyone play this? I hear it’s pretty good.


I played a bit of it, personally found Kratos’ new persona to be more annoying than anything else, like giving his kid shit the whole time because the script says so - regardless of the help me provides during combat. When it became open worldy I pretty much stopped.

That’s all personal stuff though - mechanically and visually it’s brilliant and boss encounters and fights are as good as they’ve always been.

It’s still #5 in the all time Top PlayStation 4 games list on Metacritic, so there has to be some entertainment value there, surely?

And with Regional Pricing putting it at R599, South Africa is one of the cheapest places for a change…


I wonder what’s left in the PlayStation Exclusives corner that will be coming to PC eventually. Spiderman? Gran Tourismo?

I suspect this might be on the cards, but this:

…probably never. I wish it would though, with multi-screen setup support.

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It does look like a very good conversion…


  • Native 4K
  • Framerate unlock
  • Shadow at higher resolution
  • DLSS
  • NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology
  • Ultra wide screen 21:9
  • Joystick / keyboard support

It is great. They re-invented the franchise quite dramatically, not that old-school GoW was bad.

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As a non GoW fan, this game changed that. I found the story and characters compelling and the relationships intriguing. The gameplay was fun and addictive, I couldn’t stop playing it and even considered going for the Platinum.

If you enjoy third-player action with a great narritive then I would say definitely give this a go. Even more so if you’re into Norse mythology (not that it is completely accurate but the gist if there).

Disclaimer: I have never played any GoW game prior to this.


100% agreed. I did play GoW 1, 3 and Ascension before this but I never considered myself a fan. I played them to see what the hype was about but never really got into them.

This one I loved though. The setting is so much better and the combat is absolutely sublime. Must play title for action fans.


I’m very keen to play this, never thought we’d live in an age of staple Playstation franchises releasing on PC!

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Theres a reason why he gives him shit the whole time. I’m hoping the new one comes out on pc.

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Reminds me… I still gotta grab Persona 4 Golden on steam when it goes on sale

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God of War (PC) is out tomorrow. Pre-release reviews of the PS to PC port are sounding stellar, with the phrase “even better on PC” coming up quite often.

GoW for PC releases tomorrow (14 January) at 8PM in South Africa. It’s available for R599 on Steam and Epic.


PC spec requirements:

PC features:


Not even hyperbole.

metacritic = 93%

(after 41 critic reviews)

OpenCritic = Mighty!

(@ 98% recommended after 222 critic reviews, incls. original PS reviews)


Now they must bring the old games to PC as well. I still meant to play GoW 2, but I’m very lazy when it comes to switching on my PS4. Think I’ve played 1 and 3.

Looking forward to playing it. Won’t be getting it now but hopefully in the next sale there will be Epic coupons again.


2 is the best. The story went places with that entry!

Uhg… Maybe I must look to start up the PS4 again. I hope I have it on PS4 and not PS3. I’ve lend out my PS3 so my friend can experience Mass Effect.

EuroGamer/Digital Foundry with a part review, part technical analysis and comparison, part settings recommendations article:

Or the video version if you prefer:


Lots of folk hoping to get a release date for GoWR sometime during the summer game events. But, with no mention of a date in the PS State of Play presentation earlier in the month, and other rumours starting to swirl, there’s now talk that it may even have been delayed into next year.