Golden Joystick Awards 2021

In case you haven’t noticed… it’s Game Awards season! * Tonight sees the first of the big award ceremonies - the 39th Annual Golden Joystick Awards.


Hosting the game awards and trailers from this year’s show is none other than Uncharted stars Nolan North and Emily Rose! When it comes to hosting the Golden Joysticks, North said: “We are honored to be presenting the Golden Joystick Awards – and what a show we have lined up for you! This year’s awards celebrate 50 years of video games. So as well as all the usual fun we will also be handing out gongs for the Ultimate Game of All Time and the Best Gaming Hardware of All Time. Will it be your favourite?”

And, as Nolan mentions, this special show is focused on celebrating 50 years of gaming, and to commemorate this huge anniversary, there will be two special awards: The Best Gaming Hardware of All Time and Ultimate Game of All Time. Millions of votes have been cast over the past month, but now all that’s left is to see who is taking home these awards. What else is in the show? Here’s a brief look at the show highlights and when you can expect to see them.

The live broadcast may stream a little for locals, but I’m sure any highlights, big announcements, and new game trailers will make an edit tomorrow morning.

Golden Joystick Awards Schedule and Highlights

Live Stream Countdown

2315 SAST / 2115 GMT / 1615 EST / 1315 PST

  • Tune in early for a surprise during the countdown.

Pre-Show Begins:

2330 SAST / 2130 GMT / 1630 EST / 1330 PST

  • Hosts intro with Emily Rose and Nolan North.
  • “50 Years of Games” special pre-show documentary by SpecialGun Productions (producers of Top Gear Gaming), starring Doom co-creator John Romero, EA co-founder Trip Hawkins, Frontier Developments founder David Braben and many more special guests, spanning the history of games from 1971 - 2021.

Main Show Begins

0000 SAST / 2200 GMT / 1700 EST / 1400 PST

  • Hosted by Nolan North and Emily Rose.
  • 50 Years of Games - a special musical performance featuring over 20 artists and history’s most memorable gaming themes
  • 20 awards categories (18 voted for by the public), including Best Storytelling, Best Indie Game, Most Wanted and Ultimate Game of the Year
  • Exclusive game trailers including open-world survival horror Wronged Us and sci-fi adventure The Incredible, plus more
  • Ultimate Game of All Time and Best Gaming Hardware of All Time winners revealed

Golden Joystick Awards 2021 Livestream Links:

Twitch / YouTube / Facebook / GamesRadar+ / Twitter (via GamesRadar)

Livestream on YouTube

Golden Joystick Awards 2021 - YouTube

Livestream on Twitch

GoldenJoystickAwards - Twitch

* In case you genuinely didn’t know, @DieGrootHammer hosts MEW’s very own Annual Game of the Year Awards. Go read about them and vote, vote, vote!!


I saw this too late I’m afraid, and I’m sure Mr. Redd will update this thread with the results and summary or what happened and what went down.

I heard something about Dark Souls doing well.


It was voted as the Ultimate Game of All Time!

Golden Joystick Award Winners 2021

  • Best Storytelling - Life is Strange: True Colors
  • Best Multiplayer Game - It Takes Two
  • Best Audio - Resident Evil: Village
  • Best Visual Design - Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart
  • Best Game Expansion - Ghost of Tsushima: Iki Island Expansion
  • Mobile Game of the Year - League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • Best Gaming Hardware - PS5
  • Best Indie Game - Death’s Door
  • Studio of the Year - Capcom
  • Best Performer - Maggie Robertson (Lady Dimitrescu)
  • Breakthrough Award - Housemarque
  • Best Game Community - Final Fantasy 14
  • Still Playing Award - Final Fantasy 14
  • PC Game of the Year - Hitman 3
  • Nintendo Game of the Year - Metroid Dread
  • Xbox Game of the Year - Psychonauts 2
  • PlayStation Game of the Year - Resident Evil Village
  • Most Wanted Game - Elden Ring
  • Critics Choice Award - Deathloop
  • Ultimate Game of the Year - Resident Evil Village
  • Ultimate Hardware of All Time - PC
  • Ultimate Game of All Time - Dark Souls

The Golden Joystick Awards show why the majority vote isn’t always a good thing in my opinion. It’s like the ANC winning because they get the most votes. Not because they are the best.


Of the top 5 games I have played all except one… Dark Souls. I guess I better start!

But isn’t that the point of Golden Joysticks? It’s a people’s choice award isn’t it? The Game Awards don’t work like that AFAIK


So the point of the Golden Joysticks is to show why the majority vote isn’t always a good thing?


Haha, no the point is that it’s voted by the people and not by a panel of judges .

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Well the people were wrong yet again. Dark Souls the “Ultimate Game Of All Time”? Please it’s not even the best game that released in it’s release year. Nor the most influential. Or the highest rated game.

But then again this is the Golden Joystick Awards…


I agree with this so much. I have no idea how this even got on the list with so many good classic games.

I love Dark Souls. But yeah I have to agree. Unfortunately these kinds of things happen in popularity contests.


Well, I for one think Dark Souls 100% deserves the win. It might not be my personal ultimate game but it is a very influential title and I just recently bought the game on Switch and it’s still as awesome as it was the first time I played it on PS3.

In the end as long as neither Minecraft or Half-Life 2 got it, I’m happy.


Well, it is often contributed to defining a genre, and often compared to when analysing other games of that nature.