Golf With Your Friends

After being available in Early Access on PC via Steam for ages (since as far back as 2016!), Golf With Your Friends has eventually left EA and been released on PC, Xbox (included in Game Pass for Console too), PlayStation 4 and Switch.

The game that @czc Recommends and says is “An awesome game to play with a group of friends”, will be available on Steam for one week at its Early Access price before the price goes up to standard price (probably around 50% more expensive). So if you’re one of the very few MEWbies that don’t have the game in your Steam library yet, now’s your chance.

The game has been a favourite amongst the MEWME set in the past, and now might be a good time to reintroduce GWYF into the rotation. Sadly, while it is now available on multiple platforms, the long term promise of cross-platform play is yet to be realised :frowning: Maybe one day…


I loooooooooooove the game - I am just bad at it