Got a ghost story?

Doing a Ghostbusters article and was talking about ghosts with Kid Redd while we sat in the dark last night waiting for Eskom to turn the lights back on.

Got to wondering if anyone has had a personal ghost experience at all? Or know of a ghost story that you can share? Ever had the feeling that you’re not alone, being visited and watched by a ghost?

Failing a personal connection - share any good ghost stories that you do have.

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I wouldn’t describe it as a ghost though. One I don’t want to share for personal reasons, was not a good time in my life and messed in the wrong things and places.

Another instance, we stayed in a place that we each saw and experienced on separate accounts, what we could only explain as a dog. Sometimes we saw it and other times we felt it.


Less a ghost story and more of how strong the brain can be to make you see and hear things:

So one summers night, desk fan on in the room, i wake up in the middle of the night to a female voice laughing almost cackling, i look to the corner of the bed and i swear i see a little girl with a white dress and long black hair, I noticed that I start to go into a panic, my heart racing. During the years I had luckily taught myself, that whenever such situation arrived, that I should just breath, and so I start breathing, in and out, deep breaths in and out, until slowly my vision gets used to the dark and what only could be described as an hallucination, the girl, disappears. Calming down further, the laughing I had been hearing up to this point was actually again my brain tricking me, as the laughing had changed to the simple noise of the fan running.

With myself eventually calmed down, I sat up on the bed, stood up breathed in and out one more time, and then simply went back to sleep. The girl hallucination I had been seeing is easily from any Japanese horror film/game which I had seen before. The real scary and annoying part, is why the heck would this happen? as if my brain purposefully made me scared.


I’ve never had an animal related thing like that - that’s pretty freaky.

I do think we are visited by ghosts of pets passed. Not in an evil demonic way though. Never manifested, but always just a sense that they’ve come by for a visit.


Kakked myself just reading your post - can’t imagine how freaked out you must have been at the time.

Amazing how so much of what we consume for entertainment sits in our brains and then is used by the same brain to scare the heck out of us. A self-inflicted haunting.

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