GPU advice needed


My understanding on dlss is that its an aa alternative with not as big a performance impact.


I’m also more curious about DLSS impact, when the acronym RTX enabled is thrown around its doesn’t mean ray-tracing it means the game supports either DLSS , Raytracing or Both


In the end the itch for a new toy was too much so ordered the msi rtx 2080 ti gaming x trio. Should have it friday.


Wow nice @Stefan!


Wow. Enjoy it


R25k. Hope for your sake that thing is worth the money.


Also might want to take out insurance on that thing :rofl:


Price is relative. Goes about value. If the card gives me top or near top notch performance for 2-3 years it has been worth it.

Till amd or intel offers something to compete with nvidia at the top end we will continue to see this pricing.

From all indications that won’t happen till atleast 2020.


I’m all about value, which is why my PC components list typically reads like a “Best X for the money” summary. The RTX series manages to about twice as much as the previous generation cards without offering anywhere near a comparable jump in performance. That’s not good value in my opinion. But hey, your dough, your decision.


The 2080 is only R500 more than a 1080 ti. And I’m running Battlefield V with ray tracing on. It’s beautiful.


What FPS are you getting with ray tracing on and are you playing SP or MP?


On my ultrawide (3440x1440) I get on average 40fps in SP on the last story mission. In MP I’ll play with it off. This is on medium DXR with everything else on Ultra.

My CPU is currently a bottleneck. It’s running at 100% with when DXR is enabled.


What CPU do you have, if you don’t mind me asking? Mine’s pretty old so it’s bottlenecking pretty much every game i play :smile:


I’ve got a i5 4690K.

@Stefan I think if I could go back in time I would have taken the 2080 ti. I’m sure I would have gotten 60fps with DXR on the ultrawide then which would have been perfect! I hope you enjoy your card. :slight_smile:


Ya apparently DXR is quite CPU intensive - also the fact that you have to run in DX12 to enable DXR and DX12 makes the most of multiple cores - so a CPU with higher core count would handle it better.

I think you’d be able to crack 60FPS if you upgrade the CPU (and mobo and ram…)


FTFY - You seem to enjoy the high end components from what I’ve seen from your posts in the past :smile: Besides, the new RTX Titan makes it look cheap in comparison!

Enjoy the card, it is indeed a monster.


Just got home from getting the card installed.
Impressions so far. Love the rainbow rgb. The asus 1080 strix was more subtle compared but I quite like this color scheme.

At idle card is completely silent. Temps at idle is 46 degrees.

Will post some benchmarks a big later once I have had a chance to test a bit .


Haven’t managed to test a lot yet as I had to figure out how to get windows 10 to update to 1809, the update wasn’t available automatically for me.

But so far with everything set on ultra, including rtx I am getting between 60-70 fps.

This is with a 7700k cpu . Cpu is at stock and so far I have run the 2080ti at stock not in oc mode.

2560 x1440 acer free sync 144hz monitor.

So far I am quite happy. Ray tracing does offer a nice visual improvement and 60+ fps is still more then playable.