GPU advice needed


So I am feeling like getting a new gpu but I am quite undecided.

Currently gaming at 2560 x 1440p 144hz
on a Asus geforce 1080 strix rog oc

My thinking is either geforce rtx 2080 or a geforce 2080 ti.

But I am undecided. Some say that upgrading to the 2080 is a waste as it isn’t big enough a jump while others say the rtx 2080ti is overkill at 2560 x 1440p

Any advice would be appreciated.


Are you dissatisfied with the performance you are getting?

I would personally hold off on the RTX series until some real world benchmarks can be done in games with ray tracing. Then you will be able to decide if it’s worth going for or not.


Personally I would stick with the GTX1080 for at least another year for the next generation RTX cards to arrive. I have a GTX1080 in my desktop as well, as well as a laptop equiped with a GTX1060. Even the GTX1060 does more than what I need at 2560x1080. I haven’t touched the GTX1080 in at peast 9 months for gaming…

Which games are you trying to play that don’t give you a good experience with your current GPU?


I own a 2080 and I’m very happy with the card but the general rule of thumb is that it’s not necessary to upgrade every generation. I’d say with a 1080 you can skip this generation and go for the next. Except if you are having problems with any games?

Otherwise you are upgrading for the sake of upgrading.

I’t up to you though. If the raytracing is really amazing then it may be worth upgrading and then like @DarthMol says you will see the performance differences in raytracing between the two cards.


Not having any performance issues in any games this far.

So guess its wait and see whether ray tracing is worth it or skip a gen.


I doubt it’s going to be big in the next 2 years at least… Developers are learning the APIs still and it will only really become mainstream when AMD cards support it as well. By that time the new consoles will probably release with ray tracing support as well.

A feature as visually striking and impacting on the general art direction of a game won’t be the main focus of development unless it’s supported on the majority of machines it’s targeted to run on. It’s the reason stuff like PhysX and HairWorks add tiny visual sugar to a game, but don’t impact the general aesthetic at all. Developers can’t build a game around a feature that only the elite gamers with huge budgets can play.


save money, buy more RAM


If I were to rather go for ram would I be looking at another 2 x 8 gig kit or a 2 x 16 gig kit. Currently have one 2 x 8 gig ddr 4 3200 kit


Personally if you have 4 DIMM slots I’d suggest you get another 2 x 8Gb kit


Is the extra 16gb of ram worth the cost?


Performance gains after 16GB from a RAM perspective tends to be really small. And it gets smaller the higher you go, in fact most people won’t even be able to see ANY difference going past the 16GB mark. Unless you’re doing something non-gaming related that sucks up memory.


Is your board dual or quad channel, more than really 16G isn’t needed for gaming., I wouldn’t upgrade the GPU or RAM at this point , kinda sounds like you are itching for a little something something what are the rest of your specs ?


Thanx for all the replies.
Unboxed had a timely video on ram yesterday and found 16 gig is still what is needed for gaming.

So for now will save the cash unless a good special for the 2080/2080ti pops up at my local store.

Rest of the specs are i7 7700k so pretty much as high as I can go unless I replace the mobo as well in which case I may as well rather get a rtx gpu. Already have a evo 960 ssd.


Honestly with nVidia cards you can hit one gen and skip the next. Yes the 2080 is marginally faster than the 1080. But unless you’re running something below a 980 there’s no real reason to up the GPU.


I have an answer for you on the raytracing.


Wow. 3 to 4 times slower is a huge hit! Presumably they’ll still do a lot of work to do on optimizations and drivers - both game developers and Nvidia. But still… that’s a lot of performance loss for (essentially) just some improved reflections.


Indeed. I’d say 2070 buyers especially have reason to be disappointed.


Skip this Gen of cards.
Or at least until Raytracing improves in games.
Not worth it. Was looking at the HOF 2080ti. R27K. WTF

Not sure what they were thinking with the RTX range and the pricing. I can’t justify it at all.


Ray tracing was always going to a big hit to performance. Of the two new techs I am more interested what dlss will do compared to aa.

Still undecided whether I will upgrade or not. I am rather itching to get a new gpu but the pricing is putting off. Stock situation is ofc making the decision for me as well :wink:


What do you mean with “I am more interested what dlss will do compared to aa”?