Grand Theft Auto V & the GTAV MEW Crew

I have been lucky so far, have not encountered any cheats/hackers yet.

We usually play just normal online, but mainly in closed sessions to avoid the cheaters and griefers

Played yesterday solo, is it just me or why are there so many spanish people when i play?

Yeah I noticed that too

Yup - most public servers I join are have Spanish-speaking players. Very seldom do I come across a South African.

When i played I hated playing on a open server so much salt and could not walk/drive with out being taken out by something.

But anyway I will see to perhaps join this weekend.

Since they don’t speak engish i don’t notice any salt XD and anytime i hear someone on voice i just mute them. I also try to stay in passive mode as much as i can, and when i am not in passive mode i drive around in my armored karuma, which cannot even be destroyed by laser miniguns, i also actively try and avoid people on the server as much as i can

Yeah I got one of those now too. they’re great!

same that car is the best but i have been taken out many times by the flying bikes so annoying


Dude tried to steel my mates one, and when he couldn’t get in he covered it with sticky bombs and blew it up

Doing business deals in GTAO: Maze Bank (CEO) and Motorcycle Club is unfortunately a high-risk, reward. The more players that are in the server/lobby, you higher your cut from selling goods, but the change of being blown up is so high. I usually switch servers and try again, otherwise I leave the game and play something else.

The game does claim RP and $ incentive for destroying business’ goods, but the reward is meager. You as the the business owner takes a very significant hit.

Most griefers blow you up with the Oppresor MkII just for the heck of it, then taunt you if you fail to try and get revenge. I have reported many players for griefing through the online menu, but I have no idea if anything is done about it.

this happened to me a few times i got to a point when i thought whats the point when you get taken out. guess thats just how the goes

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Anyone in Bloemfontein that I can get the files from? I have it on steam tho

Yeah - my current non-Steam install is 83.1GB.

What someone who has the Steam version can do is to cloud share the game in segments.
They upload files, you download files. Or someone can just mail you a flash drive and you mail it back.

Are these even viable options? :sweat_smile:

I live in kby and i have the steam version, don’t know if anyone else is nearer to you.

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So far you are the closest to me :muscle::sweat_smile:

Arise young topic!

Seeing as we all got GTA 5 for free, perhaps time to reignite this thread and see if people are interested in doing Crew missions or playing online. GTA Online is absolutely no fun online without friends.


dammit! and I JUST deleted GTAV…

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Lol just download again then

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…I’ll consider your request