Grand Theft Auto V & the GTAV MEW Crew

So a few of us has been bitten by the GTA bug again, and after a lot of persuasion I decided to download it again and give online another try… I really like it

So I’m creating a Most Epic Win (MEW) crew for anybody wanting to jump in with us at any time

Add me on Social Club, MalicE_ZA, and come commit some felonies with us. If you want. no pressure :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, we are on PC, but the console kids are welcome to join as well :stuck_out_tongue:


For sure I will join, TechThief, might only start playing later this week, waiting on RAM to arrive, should hopefully come tomorrow or in 2days. Also the emblem editor has all the animals except a rhino XD

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If I had data to download it I might have joined.

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Nice same here would be great to do some GTA again. I think my name should be Z1OC_ZA

will add you guys when im online


I just need to download it again then I can join you guys

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Enjoy guys!


Welcome home!

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Yeah download it and bring me the files.

Don’t even know if that will work since I’m guessing you have steam and I have Rockstar Social Club version.

Or just bring your router again and let me patch mine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry bud but yeah I have the steam one and I already brought my router for AC so you’ll have to wait till end of the month before I can bring it again​:sweat_smile::muscle:


@MalicE Gebruik julle die FiveM ding wat ek sien almal speel deesdae of net vanilla GTA Vee?

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nee nog niks modding gedoen nie

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It’s @z1oc! Welcome back.

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Wat is daai? Sien dit op my friends list ook

Ek is self nie regtig seker nie. Ek sien net klomp mense speel dit en Google se dis 'n “multiplayer modification framework for GTA V, allowing you to play on customized dedicated servers”.

Nie heeltemal seker wat dit behels nie.

Weet van die gebruik dit vir die role-playing servers. I game gee hulle jou n job en what not

Sweet RAM came today, so will be playing today after work

LoL Thanks :smiley:

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what mode are you guys playing? Are you guys doing the normal GTA or the RP GTA.

I play normal, or well… try to, none to play with, until hopefully now.

I’ll join, but just a heads up, GTA Online has changed a lot with the inclusion of all the new DLCs over the past few years. It’s a modder, cheater and griefer cesspool. I still play GTA Online a fair bit, but I play it knowing the pitfalls I just mentioned.

My SC username is currently: EightshVee