Greenman Gaming now uses Rand

Got this email from Greenman Gaming,

Hi czechcrusader,

We’ve got exciting news for our South African customers - starting today, the currency you shop with changes from US Dollars to South African Rand!

This means a simpler shopping experience for you, and enables us to give you our very best prices. In some cases, you’ll even save a little extra. Any existing credit balance will be converted to local currency, which may take up to 24 hours.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact our customer support team by creating a ticket here.

Best Wishes
Green Man Gaming Team

So there is another store that has added Rand now.


With the terrible exchange rate currently, I’m wondering how those savings will translate.


They don’t save much directly, but if GMG is having a sale on something, that’s when we’ll benefit.

I checked a number of titles yesterday. They’re using the exact same Rand pricing as we would get from Steam. So it’s worth checking on GMG before you buy something on Steam in case they have the game on sale at the time. And vice versa too I guess - before you add to cart on GMG, check that Steam don’t have the game on a better deal at that moment.


Greenman Gaming have some decent discounts on titles at release so if you’re wanting the new shiny they will be a very good option with the regional pricing.

I used to buy from them before Steam got its regional pricing.