Hardware monitoring

Hey guys. Long time no stalk…err, post.

Wonder if someone might know of an easy and hopefully free piece of software.

I have a couple of laptops (range of i7’s) that I use for rendering animations. During the renders, they tend to get quite hot and I have to throttle the CPU’s back to something like 90% total CPU usage in the power settings of the control panel.

As they share the same network as my main PC, I was wondering if there might perhaps be some software that would give me the laptops CPU temp, perhaps also CPU and Memory usage.

I have found some software, but most cost something or other are just crappy stuff.


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for temp monitoring i use on all my pcs coretemp ,its small, shows the individual cores temps, it can start with windows automatically and its free

for mem usage a just use windows task manager to monitor, cause external programs are just going to load into memory and use more memory to tell u what your memory usage is.

You could go a little bit more hardcore and use an enterprise grade monitoring suite like Icinga2 which is FOSS. Icinga2 can use the NSClient++ client on Windows based systems to monitor the underlying OS (but something simple like WMI based monitoring and SNMP is also possible)

So just to be clear; do you need something that can monitor and report over the network?

I use this:


Completely free, very comprehensive and customizable, accurate, and with logging capabilities. I’m not sure about monitoring another PC via a network connection though.

Thank you guys for the quick replies! Will take a look at your suggestions.