Have a good one

Oh wow, haven’t popped in here for such a long time! To think that in January I’ve entered the Brute Force competition :rofl:

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A couple of years ago (not really sure when), my wife made this for me:

It’s plain and simple, but it embodies my philosophy. It also means that I keep on pushing to the next level, never settling with where I’m at.

Almost 2 years since I conjured and started chasing this dream (really not a long time compared to others, I’m sure), multiple courses, exams, an attempt at a diploma, a diploma, countless hours of study, part-time job for experience, cancelled interviews, actual interviews, I finally got the post that I worked so hard for - a joint Wits-Government contract. I’m only 48 months and 2 exams away from consultancy.

I’m starting on the 1st of August, but I’m already behind with my research. Sacrifices need to be made. First to go to free up time is gaming and MEW (haven’t been here in 3 months - haven’t played a game in longer than that)
Second to go is my training - at least I made the cover image on Ironman4thekidz

All this while the second critter is being delivered December :blush:

Who knows where the future will lead us?!
This is me signing off

I have a 14 day Xbox Gamepass, complimentary of Vox. Send me a message if you’re keen.


Hey goodluck man. I was going to ask if iron man training had kept you away one of these days.

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NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Don’t go!

We shall miss you

Pop in once in a while and let us know you are doing well!

COngrats on the job! And the life! Stay happy and healthy!


All the best man!


Goodluck and onepunchman speed.

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