Have you been asked to work from home because of Corona Virus?

We were discussing this at the office on Friday. We all reckon we could manage working from home but the boss will never allow it.

  • I always work from home
  • I have been asked to work from home
  • I am still working at the office

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Although, in the case of the little work I can’t do from home - hotel school lectures - it’s a bit of “I’ve been asked to work from home”: the campus is official closed for two weeks. They’ve basically moved their Easter break forward. We have been told though that in the event the the closure needs to be extended that we need to start preparing for lessons to go online.


I have always worked from home. The irony is, there are 4 of us from various places working from home already. The company has 20 other devs working in their office and they are not happy with us working from home.

Now ALL the devs are working from home. Muahahah


Well, you’ve got streaming covered at least.


Well my work is not something you can do from home so no :smiley:

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I’m not a member of all and can’t vote :pleading_face:


We’re all working from home next week. I am getting heat rash due to the heat and humidity, so I’m gonna use this as an excuse to say “Can someone help me install my aircon?”

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I’ve added you to @all

I must remember to delete the @all group after everyone’s had a chance to vote in this poll. It didn’t serve its purpose, and all it’s doing now is being confusing in the new Poll interface.