Have you ever been offended by a game you played?

PC gaming’s hot topic at the moment is Valve’s change in policy in what it will allow to be sold on its Steam platform (Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?)

This change has come under criticism and all the usual arguments of censorship, taking offence etc. are being thrown in the mix. At the end of the day, the customer has to be more discerning of the games they buy.

What I’d like to know is if you’ve ever stopped playing a game because you were offended/repulsed by it?


No but i have stopped watching a let’s play of a game on youtube, lucius, started watching the first episode of it, and something just told me it is better to not watch this, i can usually handle a little religion in games, but i think this one just gave me a bit of a bad vibe.

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This remind me of one of the okes here that felt offended playing Conan

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Nah, never had that issue, when I was super religious at one point I refused to play certain games, some of which i went back and played in the last year or so.

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I haven’t been offended by a game myself. However I totally get that games can be offensive for people.

Personally I’m of the opinion that games shouldn’t be censored. If a game offends you then just don’t play it.


Not so much offended, but I have been shocked and/or triggered by certain games.

I haven’t been offended per se, but I have felt uneasy playing certain games to the point that I stopped and never continued. Coming from a Christian background, games with heavy occultic themes and influences sometimes bug me. Games with a lighter edge to it, like DOOM and Diablo 3, don’t bother me though, but excessive violence does irk me somewhat. As much as I used to love the Mortal Kombat series, the last 2 made me feel uneasy due to the more realistic and excessive gore. The same goes for DOOM to some degree - I can only stomache it for minutes at a time.

I don’t play any horror gakes though. The’ve always made me feel uneasy and make me not sleep well at all, so I avoid them. The last horror game I’ve played was the first Fear. I’ve also only played the first 15 minutes of Dead Space. The ‘Souls series also bugs me a bit, as the creepiness of some of those bosses just doesn’t sit well with me.

I remember the questline involving cannibalism in Skyrim also made me very ineasy to the point that I just stopped it. It’s one of the few active quests in my journal in the game.

Give me some light and friendly gaming any day of the week. Life is serious, dark and twisted enough for me to make it part of my relaxation time as well.


This so much this!

Going onto social media and telling OTHER people not to play something that offends you, is well…offensive. Noone is forcing you to play the game, or partake in the discussion of the game. if it offends you, why are you involving yourself in it? vote with your wallet, but don’t tell me that I “should” be offended or react in a certain way about things. leave me be :stuck_out_tongue:


A game has never really offended me. Any game that looks like it would come close, I simply do not play. Why would anyone go out of their way to play something they think would offend them? Doesn’t make sense at all.

Speaking of DOOM though, I remember a time I was playing Doom 3 like crazy. Loved the game. One day while in res I was on a long streak, and lost track of time. It was a Sunday, and was getting dark. My friends were on their way to church, and I was just way too into the game and declined to go with them. While my friends went to church, I just started the mission going to hell. I felt super uneasy doing that, and the irony was not lost on me.

It got darker, and I didn’t put on the light. I was super nervous for doing this in church time, and I had headphones on, so never heard my friends come back. They entered the room, and my roommate touched my shoulder. I nearly died right there and then. I ripped my mouse straight out of my PC and fell off my chair.

I can guarantee you I never skipped church to play Doom ever again.


Cool story bro. Had a nice laugh now.