Have you ever commission Artwork?

So have you ever commission artwork?
I once saw something at geekfest I really like but the artist asked R1400 for a A5 piece of artwork.

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Nope, I’ve thought about it a few years ago. I wanted an avatar specifically created to match my tag but never got around to contacting the right people.

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And that is the other thing where do we as south Africans even start our search?
Rage I know has but if your on the other side of the country and you can’t go to Rage where to next?

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Yes, I think I posted some photos of it as well (on mygaming). Got my cousin to paint a Lego Star Wars canvas for my girlfriend for christmas…

Lets just say even with family discount, it wasn’t cheap (he was in UK too)


Wow that looks beautiful!

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Never even considered it.

I have asked my youngest brother’s girlfriend to paint me something, but at the rate she is going it will be done in 3 - 5 years.

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We had a well known artist in the area do us a big ass painting of the berg. main piece in the office

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I can do commissions for garage kits. Haven’t had any takers yet tho…

It’s such a cool idea for a gift. I may keep this in mind for my wife’s birthday next year.


custom art would and should be pricey.

It took the artist years and years to develop their skill, then the actual piece would take the better part of a week to produce depending on complexity, not to mention them having to buy their own materials.

Also consider, they can only do it in their spare time because 99% of them will still have day jobs as their art alone cannot sustain them.

My uncle and Grandfather are/were artists and I have two artist friends. They practiced every single day.


I’m considering it. I have an idea of what I want; it’s based on a photo of a sculpture I’ve seen online - but it’s a bit bland and boring. So my idea is to have someone recreate it in a more appealing style. I’m just reluctant to go ahead with my plan because I fear not liking the final product. I suppose I’m still searching for the right artist; someone using a style I’d like. You can’t ask any artist - everyone has their own style.

This brings me to tattoos. Isn’t getting a tattoo “commisioning” artwork?

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What would you guys consider paying for these items? What would it be based on? Size? Complexity?
What kind of art interests you? Considered digital?


It depends on the quality, time spent creating, originality, size and what it is done on.

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I suppose that’s the gamble, but it would depend on all those factors.
I want canvas, or skin; not interested in digital.



Ballpark using any images as an example?

It is hard to say, if I take some of the mosaics I made

The pot alone was R400, the tiles was about R300, then the time I spent on it which was 10 hours and I lowballed myself at R50 an hour
gives me a price of R1200 which I felt was fair - others disagreed and it never sold.

(Labor + Materials) x 2 = Wholesale price = that is the general rule of thumb.


I suppose some of the gaming youtubers also commission artwork for their avatars and such.

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Actually, now that I think about it, I painted a guitar for a friend if that counts.

It doesn’t. He commissioned you. :stuck_out_tongue: