Have you ever considered keeping a gaming log?

Have you ever considered keeping a gaming log? You can run around a game world and collect all these pieces of information that the characters have dropped. Why wouldn’t you leave your own ‘data logs’?

So would you consider recording a so called ‘data log’ of you game as you go?

Perhaps the challenge to come out of this is to start a log of the next game you play.

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I enjoy “productivity” and things of that nature, as such this should appeal to me. I have tried it a few times with numerous games and have not found a process or medium that works for me.

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This was the closest thing to a “gaming log” that I have made. I think even @Solitude made use of it.


Nope not my kind of thing, aka I am still lazy

You might have misinterpreted.

I thought similar to what people post in what are you playing but more detailed. Almost a blog of what you’ve been playing.

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Hehehe I understood, I am just to lazy :stuck_out_tongue: Unless Im trying to do a review, but even then I struggle

Or do you mean something more like a kanban; To-play, Playing, Done.

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