Have you ever purchased second hand PC components?



I bought my whole pc and the monitor 2nd hand through Carbonite. Have any of you ever bought any pc components?

If so, how was the experience and would you do so again?


No I have not I am way to scared it won’t last long because some people just don’t take care of their stuff.


i bought a second hand radeon from malice about 5 years ago,took a friend with though just incase he tried to murder or rape me :grin: and i bought a galaxy s4 for my lady from ducknuckle about 3 or 4 years ago.

i always try to take a friend with when buying 2nd hand stuff.


Most of the time I’ve always bought new components, but I have bought a 2nd hand screen in the past, and was given (cough Soli is awesome cough) a 2nd hand GPU when mine shit the bed.


I’ve never bought anything second hand. I’ve never even considered it.


Most of my parts are second hand - I buy my brother’s stuff so that he can upgrade - aka he can afford it and this way I get an upgrade for cheap.


I’ve bought quite a few components from friends over the years, mobos, cpus, graphics cards, a monitor.

I’ve never bought from a stranger through Carbonite or other 2nd hand sites. I’m cautious of doing so because I tend to believe the best about people - which is usually a good thing but does leave you open to getting scammed.


I have done close to 100 deals on carb.
Always apply a tad bit of common sense and nothing can go wrong.
+ make sure it still has warranty


yes, i have bought 3 cell phones from ppl on carbonite as well as numerous pc parts. i always drag the husband along and i always make sure we meet up in public places with some sort of security around (just in case) but generally i check up on the people i buy form before hand.


once, bought a second hand mobo in 2008 from a mate. mate connected it and black smoke came out of it. never again


Doing business with family and friends is against my religion!


hahaha I trust my one brother, the other one I just dont bother with. Friends have stabbed me in the back more often than not


Too many emotions and feelings involved if something goes poof


My current CPU, motherboard and AIO cooler are all second hand, bought via Carbonite.

I haven’t bought anything electronic second hand apart from those, although my next GPU buy might well be second hand and not new.


Yeah that 980 Ti will be a great purchase.


You spelled 1080 Ti wrong :smiley:


I’ve been rather active on Carb as well, ± 40 deals. I’ve bought a monitor, keyboard and ram that were second hand. Other components were new from resellers. Definitely a great place to keep changing parts!


ya I bout a second hand cpu (i5 sandy bridge) last year. still goig strong.
oh yes and my gpu is second hand Nvidia 680

currently running just cause 3 at full tilt, zero issues.