Have you ever rooted your devices?

There are some apps on my xiaomi phone that I’d love to get rid of. But apparently you have to root the phone to do so. Apparently its dangerous to do so.

So has anyone rooted their device?


I have had a couple of devices that I rooted, but so far I have been very lucky not to brick anything. What I love most for my Kindle Fire7 HD is the Fire toolbox - it just disables all the amazon crap and you can load google services on it. Unfortunately, the newer devices are becoming a bit of an issue amazon is blocking these things now so it will become an issue to root the device.
But the gains are worth it. Just check XDA, they normally have the best advice on this. And so far they havent steered me wrong.


only devices i ever rooted was my galaxy tab 2, still working and a galaxy s2 a loong time ago in order to run cyanogenmod lollipop on there


I have rooted quite a few of my older phones, but never one I use on a daily basis.

Most of them are older Galaxy devices that ran out of updates.


The only thing I can’t root is my old Ipad2 - I want to root it so badly, since the stupid thing refuses to die but you can’t use it since the OS is out of date and they don’t support it anymore.

rooted my galaxy S4…and i think i rooted my z3 compact as well.

I think i did it for pokemon :smiley:

Since then its become harder and less worthwhile to root the device, so haven’t done it since.

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