Have you ever taken off work, or a "sick day" to play a game?

With Red Dead Redemption 2 releasing tomorrow I’m sure there will be a few people calling in a sick day or some leave to play it (except us PC gamers…)

I must admit I’ve never taken off work or had a “sick day” so that I could play a game. Generally I don’t tend to get games at release anyway.

How about you?

I’ve put in proper leave. For instance I took leave to play Diablo III back in the day only to find that it’s unplayable due to errors.

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I just happened to take leave tomorrow to be at home as it’s “Mid-term break” for the schools. Just happens to be release day.

But I’ve taken leave before to play stuff on release day, and I’ve been horribly disappointed before

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Nope, I’ll go through the proper channels and request leave if i know i’m going to play a video game on release.

Twice. Once for Destiny 2 release and the other time for NMS

Jip. I have taken leave to play a new game. Not called in “sick” tho. Just put in normal leave. I had leave planned for tomorrow, but then I got sick last week and I felt too bad being away for another day this week. So I will suck it up and play tomorrow evening.

Nope , would just take a proper leave day this reminds me of this when Witcher 3 came out


I’ve never done it, no. By the way, wasn’t this exact topic discussed not too long ago?

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Your memory is better than mine, and apparently that of discourse because it didn’t come up with this topic in the list of similar threads. There was a thread on this topic created at the beginning of June. My apologies

Quite the opposite today. My boss has put in leave and I found Warcraft 3 on a hard drive so going to try that today

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No need to apologise. Just had a huge sense of de-ja-vu in reading some of the replies in this thread.

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I could do with another sick day today.

I wouldnt be able to play RDR2 though cos its getting delivered to my work address.

I havent taken a day off that wasnt given to me by the boss in over 10 years - we are not allowed to take leave during the year.

That doesn’t sound right. So you don’t earn accrued leave?

We only take leave during Builders Holidays - aka xmas - and we doget about 3 - 4 weeks.

But we cannot take extra time during the year

Never, I am an outstanding worker bee. :smiley:

Yes! Medical certificate . . . Red Dead Redemption 2 . . . win win!

Busy installing now.

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I wouldn’t worry too much. I sometimes think we stifled threads too much on mygaming just because they may have been duplicates. The posts must flow.

I haven’t taken off work to play a game. I’m not that hardcore.