Have you played: Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a game I played over the long weekend. It is a space-based exploration puzzle-solving game. It is a really chilled game with an interesting premise, and I want to talk about it for a bit.

Outer Wilds plays off within a miniaturized fictional solar system. There are a few planets and moons you can explore, all small enough that you could walk literally around the planet in a few minutes.

You play as an astronaut from the planet Timber Hearth. It is your first launch day, and all the people on your planet are all excited to get their space program going again, with you as the only space explorer. You have a space ship that you need some stuff for before launch, but once you launch the whole solar system is yours to explore.

There is one twist though. After about 20 minutes or so, the sun goes supernova and destroys everything in the system. Including you. But in stead of being dead permanently, you wake up back on Timber Hearth, on your first launch date again. You quickly find out you are in a time loop, and every 20 minutes or so it resets. Even after every time you die you start again from the start.

One thing is different though, each time you restart, you keep all your discoveries. And so you travel the solar system, hopping from planet to planet in search for secrets and discoveries to piece together a story about the first travelers and their search for the Eye of the Galaxy.

The game has no combat. There is no shooting or killing enemies. There are no enemies. In stead, you go around looking for old scrolls, markings and writings that further flesh out the world and the story. A story that gives more information about why the sun keeps on exploding, and why you are stuck in the time loop.

So you fly around, solving puzzles and exploring the worlds to find all you can, while your flight computer handily keeps track of all your discoveries and keeps things linked for you. It even tells you when there is more to explore.

The graphics and sounds of the game is really great. All specifically stylized to give you a sense of calm and comfort, only to thrust you into situations that are more perilous that you would imagine.

The game is available via Xbox Game Pass, and is also available Epic Games Store, with a Steam release coming soon. I would highly recommend this game.


I have been keeping an eye out on the game, I am glad you are saying its worth it. I will go onto my wish list!

Big words said about the game, and a good read for anyone still on the fence on whether or not to get it.

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Just got a notice from Steam that Outer Wilds has released. It’s available at a launch price of R100.


Thanks I will grab it after payday :smiley:

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I played a bit last night but my first impression aren’t great. It didn’t even save any of my progress. Will have to see where it goes.


I set this to download on the Xbox as it’s on the Game Pass there - will definitely give it a go sometime.


Just keep at it. It takes some time getting into it, but once it clicks, oh boy, it is one of the finest gaming experiences you can get.


So I finally fired this up on the ol’ XB1, first impression 30fps gaming :nauseated_face:

But once I got used to that, the fact that it’s a seamless solar system is pretty cool. It’s a slow start - very open in that you don’t have a checkpoint marker to follow, it really is a game where you explore and set your own objectives. I knew about the exploding sun loop, but I can imagine it taking someone off-guard if they go into the game blind.

My interest is piqued and so I will continue the journey.