Have your gaming tastes changed over the years? / Has your age changed your gaming habits?

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Let me preface this by saying that I know I am not that old. There are certainly a lot of older people here on the forum. But I still have an observation that I would share.

I feel like the way I look at games and what I want to get out of gaming has changed. A few years ago, I wanted to experience and play all the games. I never got stuck into one game all that much, and played games until I got bored and moved on to the next big thing. Until a few years ago I tried to at least play the latest and biggest games just to experience them.

But over time this has changed. I have changed, and what I want out of games have changed. I’ve gotten very interested in racing games, and I play games like F1 2018 and Assetto Corsa and Project Cars 2 very often. I also tend to enjoy space related games more than normal. I no longer crave that FPS experience I always wanted. I now am looking for very particular games.

It’s not like I don’t try other type of games, but they are few and far between, and most of the games I try are on Switch. From a AAA perspective, I have not yet bought any of the latest new titles for the year, nor do I particularly look forward to anything, except F1 2019, because it is back in my interest.

Perhaps it is just that my taste in games have changed to be more focused on hobbyist type of games, but I do feel like with age the type of gaming, both the type of games and the type of play, have changed for me.

Has something similar happened to you, or is it just me being weird?


When I was younger I didn’t finish games all that often. I’d play games until something else came along and then play that. These days I finish most of the games I start. However I went through a time that I even finished bad games. Where now, if I’m really not enjoying a game then I’ll stop playing.

I still play the same kind of games mostly. Just with some added genres that I didn’t enjoy when I was younger. Like Forza for instance. I had no interest in cars at a younger age.

The biggest problem as you get older is that you have less time to play games so I especially schedule time but then sometimes I’m too tired and end up not gaming.


I have more “This is bullcrap” and “WTF were you thinking when you designed this pile of crap” moments in the last couple of years. I want to play, pause (or stop) when I want to and continue whenever I feel like it.

The other side is also that my boy has started taking an interest in games, so I’m replaying a bunch of kid friendly classics. His current favourite is Spore.


This is a very real problem. Which is kind of why I changed my approach and don’t really want to try anything new or outside my comfort zone. I only have so much time to play, and I’d rather spend it in a racing simulator or a space game than trying out something new. Which can be both a good and a bad thing I guess.


I no longer really follow the ‘news’ and get hyped up. It used to be fun but its a bit pointless now.

I haven’t even upgraded my PC in a long time, the games that I play still work so there was no reason to upgrade.


I absolutely have changed. I also used to want to experience all the games now I don’t worry about anything new gaming related.
I have become a full on casual gamer too, and will play when I have a gap and am bored. I don’t even have issues with playing on easy mode. wtf has happened to me? haha


I’m a manchild…so no. still feel like i play the same type/genre i always have :smiley:

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The 100+ hour long story driven RPGs don’t seem as appealling anymore. I just don’t have the time.


I have always been rather fussy about what I play. If I get bored or don’t like it I stop playing. I have less time to game, so I am fussier, and tend to replay older games a lot since I love them and I cannot afford new releases.

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I have money to be more experimental and buy more new releases. I still mostly play the same types of games but I have not gotten into a JRPG in a while as they tend to be a bit too long. I feel less pressured to drop games which don’t hold my attention than before.

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Definitely. I no longer stockpile games when they go on sale or enter a bundle, though this may also have to do with the fact that bundles and crazy sales are no longer that novel.

That said, the games and mechanics I enjoyed when I was younger I still enjoy — (space) combat flight sims, (western) CRPGs, and action RPGs. Rebel Galaxy and (of course) Warframe are examples of games that combine these mechanics, which I enjoy a lot.


Maybe after decades of gaming you’ve decided - like me - that you know what you like and stick to that. There’s no reason to waste time playing something you’re not into - it’s like watching a romantic comedy when you hate romantic comedies.

Also the absolute state of AAA gaming may be why you’ve become jaded with new releases. I’ve haven’t paid full price for a game in years - I just don’t fall for the hype anymore (comes with experience) And FUCK preorders and everything that goes along with it.

So I’ve just basically projected my feelings onto you.


You know what word I have for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop projecting dude.

I agree with all your comments except romantic comedies.

More projection than an IMAX theater.

Hey man if you like curling up in the couch with box of popcorn and a bottle of wine I’m not going to stop you

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Here’s something to ponder this lazy Sunday afternoon.

Have you found your taste in games changing over the years? Or maybe it was even a shift from one type of gaming platform to another?

I’ve found myself being increasingly drawn to FPS games, I think it’s partly because I have become better at them from playing competitive shooters like CS:GO for a number of years. That being said, I still love certain genres such as 2D platformers.

In terms of platforms, PC has always been my main one and it’s not likely to change. For me it offers the broadest selection of games, from AAA to Indie, to free and addictive browser games!


Yeah I play a lot less new releases and way more top tier indie type games.


Whoops sorry! Didn’t realise there was a thread on this already. Odd that Discourse didn’t pick it up, I guess the topic titles were different enough.

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Everything changed for me the day I discovered the action RPG. Gripping stories, engaging combat mechanics, and an addictive progression system through character development and loot.

When I first discovered video games, we only had an IBM XT PC Compatible in the house (8088 processor, Hercules monochrome graphics, upgraded with a second floppy bay and internal hard drive). I mainly played simulators like Test Drive, LHX, and Jet, as well as good ol’ California Games, Karateka, and the original Prince of Persia.

Sierra’s old commandline adventure games (Police Quest, Space Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, King’s Quest) also still ran on the old XT and were an early introduction of what Steam tags as “story rich” games.

When we finally upgraded to a 486, I was finally able to play games like Wolfenstein and Doom, but for the longest time I only had the shareware levels of the first episodes. Somewhere along the way I also got Dune 2, and I fell in love with the real-time strategy genre.

Other games that got a lot of play in this time were the entire shareware catalogues of Apogee and Epic MegaGames — Wacky Wheels, Epic Pinball, Duke Nukem, Raptor, Jazz Jackrabbit, Solar Winds, Tyrian…

But one day, at a family friends’ house, I was introduced to a little-known game called Zeliard. Developed by an independent Japanese studio called Game Arts for the NEC PC-88 back in 1987, and ported to MS-DOS for Sierra On-Line in 1990. I only first got to play it sometime between 1994 and 1996.

Zeliard title card

In-between all this, I was still playing RTS games like Dune 2 and WarCraft: Orcs and Humans. A friend got a CD-ROM which included Iron Helix and his father bought Myst. We also got Red Alert and StarCraft along the way.

Outside of the RTS and RPG genres I was playing games like Strike Commander and Wing Commander, the 1995/6 Formula 1 game, and the various point-and-click adventures from LucasArts.

All of these games I enjoyed, but the ARPG bug had bit.

A friend introduced me to the Quest for Glory series and it was amazing. Another showed me Ultima (which, curiously, never appealed), and at some point in high school the first Baldur’s Gate game was released.

While I found Baldur’s Gate a chore to play at times, the story kept me engaged. It would also introduce me to Planescape: Torment, still arguably the best story ever told in a CRPG. (Yes, I played The Witcher 3. It is a masterpiece and has much better combat mechanics, but Planescape’s characters and story were just so perfectly realised that it will take more than a masterpiece to outdo it.)

Before Black Isle began releasing the most memorable story-rich games that PC gamers had ever seen, though, Blizzard gave us Diablo. I couldn’t play it at home until a year or so after its release, though. That’s when we got our first Pentium.

Diablo made it official — I wanted deep lore and a satisfying character progression cycle from my games. It doesn’t have to be a straight-up ARPG, though. Games like Strike Commander and No Man’s Sky scratch that same itch in different ways.

TL;DR: I like games with story and/or lore, and have for a very long time. Nowadays I just play Warframe, though :upside_down_face:.

(Afterword: I don’t only game on PC, but it was my first and remains my primary platform. At one stage I was contemplating switching to PlayStation 4 rather than dropping over R6k on an upgrade, but I was gifted a new rig about 6–7 years ago and was able to pick up a GTX 970 for like R4.5k, so I stayed on PC.

Many years after getting our first PC — when I was in grade 2 or 3 — we got an old Nintendo Family Computer. I played a lot of Goonies on that bad boy and grew to love couch co-op and indirect competition in games like Contra and Tetris. I now own a PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in addition to a PC.)


Probably not what you mean but I used to hate Mario and think Zelda is one of the most overrated series ever.

Then I bought a Switch. Now Zelda BotW is my no 4 favourite game of all time and I even enjoy Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart (and really want Mario Maker 2).

More on topic: I used to love adventure games as a kid: Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, etc. but as the years went on I seem to have lost interest in them. I did play Thimbleweed Park recently and loved it, but it was on Switch and I love anything I play on Switch.

I also didn’t like isometric CRPG’s as much but now I love them. Never played Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale to completion so I’m looking forward to (eventually) getting them when they come to Switch.