Hellpoint (Indie Soulslike)

I’m sure most of the wonderful people of MEW have never heard of this game and I am here to tell you to check it out it, especially if you are a fan of soulslike genre.

Hellpoint is a sci-fi soulslike game developed by Canadian studio Cradle Games (an indie studio of about 11 people) and published by Tiny Build. It is available on Steam for only R205 but you can also find it a little cheaper on reseller sites such as cdkeys.com. It takes place on a space station and design wise it gives of Lovecraft / HR Giger vibes.

The game is really good and a lot of fun. It comes complete with online co-op as well splitcscreen co-op, including steam remote play together. @1nF4m0u5 and I were playing this last night using my copy with remote play together and we had a jolly old time.

The game has some bugs and a couple of flaws but they do not detract from the experience too much. The combat is pretty solid and there is a decent variety of weapons available which cater to a variety of player builds. The level design is outstanding. Lots of verticality and intertwining paths with shortcuts leading back to the previous locations. It really does remind me of the level design of Dark Souls (1) in a way. I recently played Mortal Shell and while I loved the combat and atmosphere the level design was very confusing with everything looking the same and this is not the case with Hellpoint. There is some platforming as well which is weird for this type of game but it actually works.

If you are fan of this genre definitely have a look at this game. It’s available on Steam, EGS, GoG, PS4 and Xbox One and a Switch version is also in the pipeline.


Definitely getting this game. Just don’t understand why CDKEYS don’t want my cold hard cash :thinking:


We had a lekker co-op session tonight, this time properly since @1nF4m0u5 bought his own copy and we didn’t have to play in splitscreen remotely.

This game really is a hidden gem.


This game needs more recognition :mechanical_arm:


More people need to get this game cause you are missing out big time