Help me choose a Call Of Duty game

Okay, so I am really in the mood for a Call Of Duty game. I have not played any of these games in like 7 years or so, and have never had the interest in getting them. But I am kinda itching for that once off COD fix.

Now a quick note, I am not interested in the multiplayer at all. I will most probably never even open up the multiplayer ever. I am just looking for that quick 4-6 hour COD single player popcorn campaign scratch.

At the moment the games are still on sale on Xbox One, where I will be buying the game, but I want some opinions about which COD to get, bearing in mind that it will be for single player only. And I am not expecting the best single player experience ever. Just a mindless romp of action.

So, I will create a poll, vote for the COD game you thing I should buy, and perhaps even tell me why

  • Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare
  • Call of Duty®: Ghosts
  • Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare
  • Call of Duty®: WWII
  • Don’t waste your time idiot!!!

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I have recently clocked Black Ops 2’ campaign. I need to move onto the next game (think its advanced warfare) so have not played any of the ones you list…

I am at work on my phone so can’t justify my pick currently, but i will say that you should actually get CoD4 Modern Warfare as even without MP it stays the best CoD, but DO NOT get the remake they made it buggy as all hell.

I guess if you’re after story go for the game with the highest rated story.

Both Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are great for what you’re looking for from the game. Fun popcorn singleplayer shooters.

Agreed both Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are quite good, but I lean more to Infinite Warfare, since I felt that it had a few more mechanics compared to most CoD games, anyways.

I recommend Infinite Warfare as I felt the story itself was really good, there were actually some feels that were felt during parts of the game, combat is what you would expect from a CoD game, which depending on the person is not a bad thing ( in my case it was a very good thing) it also features some fun space dogfights in spaceships with a bit of customization regarding how your spaceship looks(livery) and flies, you can also customize load-outs before missions, or select the one the game recommends.

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Cheating right there…

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I would say don’t waste your time idiot but Ghosts was the very last CoD game I ever played - it’s total fking bollocks and don’t you dare, but Advanced Warfare does seem to be pretty decent from what I’ve heard.

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I thoroughly enjoyed playing Infinite Warfare - and since you enjoy Sci-Fi (well at least Star Wars sci-fi) then I definitely recommend it.

I created a topic on Infinite Warfare not too long ago, you’ll see more of my points in favour of the game there: Have you played... COD: Infinite Warfare?


I played Advanced Warfare and Ghosts, enjoyed them both but no matter what CoD you play your dude is always a bullet spongeing terminator which pisses me off so much.
Then if you ramp up the difficulty the enemies are bullet spongers.

No middle ground.

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Thank you all for the information and voting. It seems I’ll be getting COD Infinity War. Been reading up on the game, and I am rather looking forward to the mediocre rollercoaster it will be taking me on. I’ll be buying the game later tonight if there are any other comments or voting that people want to add.

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Glad you posted this. Looking for a fps to kill time.

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