Help me create my "baseball card"

At work we are doing this thing called culture connect and ever 2 weeks three people introduce themselves to the company.
My name hasn’t been called yet (thankfully but it will happen sooner than later)
This is what I have so far:

The My Why and the areas you think I can add something please let me know I am struggling

Can you give us an idea of what others have put into their “My Why” sections? The rest of it looks good - couple of small typos, but that’s just me being my pedantic self.

Point the typos out please :stuck_out_tongue:
brain is failing on me

What I have added:

No spelling/grammar has been looked at.

Something short and simple, like “Knowledge is power” / “Never stop learning”.
Or something a little meatier, like “To continually learn and grow in the fast-changing tech world we live and work in.”

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This is almost verbatim what I would’ve suggested. I’ve got a similar learner quirk. I love this idea, really helpful in getting a team to understand each other slightly better.


I still need to work on the my style section as well - not happy with most of that

Thanks I am stealing that!

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I have noticed that I have managed to put the same info all over

Copy / Paste it all into ChatGPT and prompt it to remove repetition and to rewrite the rest of it using a natural writing style?


Let me know what you think

I think it looks good. Fits the use case and meets the requirements.

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