Help me win a Comp please

Heya everyone

I see one of my old PUBG clips got entered into a comp for play of the week,
For some reason they made it a closed group, so can’t share the vid and people have to join the group.

PLEASE go and join Syntech Gaming Communti Below

Then comment number 2 on the pinned video to vote for my clip!!

Thanks everyone <3

Oi guys! I need all of your help and votes <3

my application to join the group is pending

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Hahaha! I told the guy doing the comp, that if this is his way to market Syntech, it is not going to be very effective having it as a closed group!!

I thought twice about having to join a closed group due to the admin of having to come back.
Then the thought of making a biker called @Flex sad decided it for me that it was safer to do join :wink:



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Brucey? =D

Ye, profile pic is my herd

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Thanks loads bud! Appreciate it!

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Im in the holding pattern…

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I don’t have a facebook account, sorry bud

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Strangest way of running a comp I have seen in a while.

No worry! Thanks man!!

Janee its really stupid.

But now You have been stalked :stuck_out_tongue:

I welcome a good ol stalking :stuck_out_tongue:

I am in the lead so far !
Thanks for those who have voted thus far <3

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Damn, the 3rd clip is starting to catch up to me!
I am only 2 votes in the lead! Please go vote those who have not voted yet!

Right voted as well. I had to open Facebook for the first time in a very long time, so I hope it helps. Facebook is so yucky


Appreciate it man! Thanks!
That you are willing to go through so much yuck for me is great!


:kissing_heart: For you I kill the bull :kissing_heart:

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My mom always says that to me O_o

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I’ve also voted for your clip @Flex