Hey, ol' Pal!

Hi guys,

Do any of you keep in touch with old friends - hometown, primary school, high school, FET or Uni?

I literally keep in contact with one person from my college years. I will see on social media, my old friends (1 or 2), but have no desire to add them as a friend.


Nope. None :slight_smile:

No. I used to but lost touch and now it’s just happy birthdays on Facebook.

Now they are just people that I used to knoooooow.


I did when I had a facebook account. Now, no one responds to my emails, so I gave up. Heck, even people I met in February don’t respond.

Nope, i have one friend from Highschool (who is still my best friend and whom i see almost everyday) other than that i cant be bothered and i dread going back to my hometown as i hate having to bump into someone form school

my circle of friends is 90% my school friends. For me, people have only been added to that list and no one has really fallen away from that list.

I have 3 friends whom I have known since primary school, we still speak to each other semi-regularly and always meet up around our birthdays. We still get together to LAN every now and then - even though we could play online, the games are in some ways the sideline to catching up, having a few beers and enjoying each other’s company.

This is one of my favourite photos, last year for my 30th we went to the Drakensburg for the week with our families. It was a great way to celebrate more than 20 years of friendship:


I keep in contact with 2 out of 3 my childhood friends from my hometown, the other guy kinda just drifted away which is sad because I knew him the longest.

That is awesome.

Nope non mine all went the way of the dido.

I’ve moved back to my hometown. From my gr1 glass two guys and one girl have moved out.
Don’t keep in touch with all of them but a couple if them are my best friends.

Ran into one friend the other day while I was running.

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Maybe run a little slower – just a suggestion.

For the most part, not really. But one of my best friends is someone I met while camping back when we were in high school (different cities, different schools, etc.). Literally met while camping and met them the following year again (camping) and then the friendship kinda stuck. Not exactly a friend from school though.

Ironically though, with me being into crypto and belonging to various Telegram groups, I recognised an old friend from school who was one of the 2,000 members in the group. Now we pretty much chat daily.

Yep - met my friends in standard 5 and we all still hang out to this day - so we’ve been buds for 24 years now.


I still keep contact with 1 friend from High School (my best friend), none from Primary School.
I have several friends I keep contact with from my Uni days (I quickly count 5).

Then oddly enough, a lot of the friends we made in Middelburg since living here have moved elsewhere, which kinda sucks.

I’m still in contact with friends from primary school, high school, and university.

Many of the guys in our school group have stayed in our hometown. Some folks have tried moving away to Joburg, but they always come back.

It’s been a good run, but there are changes afoot. Folks are looking at emigrating and so on. I’m pretty sure we’ll all keep in touch in some way, but it’ll be a bit sad to not all be able to hang out whenever.

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