Hitman Franchise - Hit Me Baby, One More Time

Hitman 3 arrives 20 January 2021

Agent 47 is reunited with his long-lost friend Lucas Grey as they begin their hunt for the partners of Providence. Witness the opening cinematic to the game and prepare for the dramatic conclusion to the World of Assassination trilogy.

Two mission locations have been revealed:

Two editions of the game will be available on release - Standard and Deluxe at $60 and $80 respectively. The game will release with separate versions for PS4 and PS5, Xbox (old and new), Stadia and PC (via Epic Games exclusive - which is irritating with the previous two games on Steam, but there is a decent regional price on Epic for SA buyers, so there is that I guess…).




Again, local console gamers getting heavily shafted with no regional pricing from $ony or Micro$oft . And by shafted, I mean R1060 versus R437 for Standard shafted,

More info on the official site: HITMAN 3


To get it, or not to get it…


You’ve got the PC power now, so… maybe?! Definitely not on console at that price difference though.

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They mention that Hitman 1 and 2 will be upgraded through Hitman 3. I suspect that it will work in a similar way to what Hitman 1 was playable through the sequels engine if you owned both. But how do you get the Steam version of 1 and 2 to work through the Epic version of 3?

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I’m just going to wait for the Steam version like I did with Borderlands 3. I liked the previous 2 games, but they are somewhat slow-paced so I have to be in the mood to play them.
Hope they have proper cutscenes this time (like with Hitman 1).

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From the Hitman Reddit FAQ:

Will I be able to carry over my progression and locations from HITMAN 2 or 2016?

  • You will be able to carry over progression only from HITMAN 2 (base game + DLC + Legacy). But you will be able to carry over locations from both HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2. (Progression carryover is optional.)
  • !! STEAM TO EPIC GAMES PROGRESS TRANSFER WILL BE POSSIBLE !! (THE SPECIFICS ARE NOT KNOWN YET. THIS THREAD WILL BE UPDATED ONCE WE KNOW SPECIFICALLY HOW THE PROGRESS TRANSFER WILL WORK.) Cross-platform progression carryover details not known at the moment. Epic Games Store to Steam progression carryover details not known at the moment.
  • People who do not already own HITMAN 2016 and/or HITMAN 2 will be able to buy the levels through HITMAN 3. So don’t worry if you don’t own the past 2 games.

From the same source:

Will the cutscenes be still-images like HITMAN 2?

  • No, the cutscenes for HITMAN 3 will be full-motion cutscenes. The graphics won’t be the same as 2016’s cutscenes though, because the cutscenes in H3 are made in-engine.

Still, like Viper, I think I’m probably going to hold off and pick it up on Steam in a year’s time - maybe it’ll be super cheap then with regional pricing and on winter sale.

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What I hope for is that I can get the game on it’s own. HITMAN 2 is already a 120GB game because of all the first game’s levels. So hopefully 3 doesn’t come out and be like 250GB in size.

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@GregRedd you legend. Always with the answers. You know I am so used to getting answers from you that I have given up on Google and just ask you on here?

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Isn’t Hitman 1 levels like DLC that can be uninstalled? Legacy pack or something.

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Magnificent! And marginally hilarious at times :smile:

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I surprisingly don’t want to watch any hitman videos as I want to experience it first for myself. I’ve seen some ‘first 5 minutes’ videos popping up.

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Oh man they better port that to other VR systems! The entire Hitman trilogy in VR?!?! Sign me up!

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Agent 47 about to infiltrate the beach house…


One of my favourite missions from 2

Don’t feel too bad console buddies. Regional pricing for the game has been stripped on the PC version as well now. If you didn’t pre-order on Epic at R437 (@Entity is the only one I know of who did - clever man!) you’re now looking at a R1009 cost on Standard and R1519 for Deluxe Editions.

I’ll be waiting the year until it gets to Steam, and then hoping for a GotY Edition and a steep discount.

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Aw snap! I did not expect the price to get an increase! Damnit! I was going to finish Hitman 2 and then buy Hitman 3. I was amped. Now I dont know if I even want to finish Hitman 2…

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I saw lastnight the prices were high again. I thought it was the discount that finished from the december sale.

On that note, the reason I was looking was to see if there was any time anywhere for the release. Maybe someone knows? When is the release time if it says it’s coming out on the 20th? Midnight?

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Agent 47’s eyeball detail. This is crazy for a game where you normally just look at the back of his head (Hitman 2)

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