Horizon: Zero Dawn... One year later.

A game that started off as intriguing and piqued my interest since we saw its announcement at E3 and its game coverage, I mean c'mon, robot dinosaurs! Though I had no real intention to get it as a day one release, the 'fomo' had gotten its grip on me. As I sat idly by, content with playing Breath of The Wild, carving my way through its wilderness and making my own adventures. Every so often while on my PlayStation, I would go through my friends list and see a handful of friends playing Horizon: Zero Dawn (HZD). To add insult to injury, the constant chatter on WhatsApp groups didn't help either, and so I caved, dropped the nine clips (nine hundred rands) and bought the game.

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It’s a great game! I only recently purchased and started playing it, but it has thoroughly sucked me in.