House rules and same sex teenager couples

Here is a little conundrum I encountered last night. My oldest had a big birthday bash we set up for her with all her teenage friends. We looked after them and made sure they did not get up to any nonsense, no alcohol, no smoking etc. Part of the deal is that all her closest friends could sleep over, boys and girls. As a house rule boys and girls are not allowed to sleep in a room together and previous times we enforced this quite well.

However last night we crashed at 2am after the party cleanup, after making sure about the gender differed sleeping arrangements. This morning we noticed that 2 of the friends slept in the same room, they are both girls and we found out that they are actually a couple.

Now I have absolutely no problem with same sex relationships, I think it is great. My view is that finding happiness with someone else is so very hard to do and narrowing down your options to only one half of the population decreases your chance of being happy.

However, how does this play out with our house rule? What do I tell the parents of these two kids?


I guess you need to rule it to everyone in their own room or ALL girls together and ALL boys together? Camp style?


Just don’t make a big deal/fuss about it. Don’t go adjusting your rules for exceptional things either.

Have a talk to the couple about how you feel about what happened. As your kid how you could have known and of they can please tell you about exceptional circumstances like described above.

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