How did Load shedding affect you?

I’m curious to know how much load shedding affected you? Travel times, interrupted work, no power at home when you want to relax? I don’t really want this thread to be a moaning session, even though it might turn into that. I don’t think I was very much impacted.

One day we had no power at work because it was raining and the batteries were drained. Another day I spent an hour in traffic because some lights where out. The rest of the time we had enough sun at work to keep us going.

But then I hear stories from other people that they get switched off multiple times per day, two guys at the office are now investigating getting solar panels for their homes.

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None. At home got through it with the inverter. When loadshedding struck at work went home and worked from home.

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Not at all, but I’m doing remote support for a mate that list a drive on his home nas on the day he bought a ups (or three) and generator to combat the effects of Eishkom

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We had “normal” loadshedding last week, once a day, about 4 hours at a time. Was lucky enough to have Chinese on Thursday - thanks to loadshedding.
Did plan to watch a movie on my off day on Monday, but was “forced” to take a nap because of loadshedding.

I’m really considering getting solar - even just for a few lights and the TV. It’s expensive, but will hopefully make the house more attractive if and when we sell. Not sure if we could still have internet if I powered my router during loadshedding??? :thinking:

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Not affected at home. Have solar and inverter and batteries.

Our work only has UPS on the server for about 30 minutes, then we can’t work at all. Luckily I am out and about most of the days anyway.

I had loadshedding either at the office or at home - and no power at both unless we turned on the genny which dad filled with race fuel. I tend to make sure I am prepared and charge my tablet. I did study and homework during the power outages and the one we had at night I just watched stuff on my tablet.

A lot!

we had loadshedding 3 times at the office and twice at home. The one day we had no electricity at the office from 12 -4 and then getting home the power was off from 4- 8:30.

Getting to the office in the mornings took me about 1:30 in the mornings (where its usually anything between 30-40min) and 2 hours in the evenings to get home where it normally takes like an hour. And this is driving the HUGE distance of 14km…

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