How do YOU play games?


As a matter of fact I do


I am a patient non-competitive, RPG loving gamer.

I prefer single player, story rich games and wait for them to hit the R200 mark before buying. I never feel guilty about all my games because they have been perfectly affordable at time of purchase.

I can stick with a game so long as I find the story good and worth my time. Usually RPG’s have great stories.
Achievements are cool but I don’t chase them. Finishing a long story where you have invested in the characters and their journey is a fantastic experience.
I prefer playing normal / medium difficulty. easy enemies should be easy and vise versa. Not everything hard or everything easy.

  • Do you play one single game to completion?
    I always finish the game once I start.

  • Do you play games in a specific difficulty setting?
    I play games for the story so I use easy or normal.

  • Are you a compulsive buyer, like me, despite having an accumulated library of unfinished games?

  • Do you have multiple games going on any given time?
    No only one at a time.

  • Do you buy new games, or only wait for specials?
    New games.

  • Do you restrict yourself to only buying a new game once you have completed one?
    No I buy them on release and then get to them when I do.

  • Do you feel guilty for your massive backlog, or for shelving a game?

  • Are you an achievement/trophy hunter?
    Depends on the game.Witcher games and dragon age games yes, others no.

  • What type of games do you play or prefer, and does this impact your play/purchase style?
    Story drive pc rpgs or otherwise know as crpg.

  • Do you dedicate certain days or hours to games?
    All hours when not working except when the proteas or inter are playing.


Thank you @all for your responses. Vary interesting and differentiating views, thoughts and opinions.