How do YOU write your X?


Saw this article and thought it would be fun.

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I am a no 7


im 8, but i can deal with 7 as well


If I am writing slowly it is 7. If I am writing quick and cursive then 8


ja my handwriting has morphed into a semi cursive semi block letter type handwriting. So i would mostly write it as in number 8


my handwriting is bad, so I tend to do quick, which is why no 7 works for me, at least Stephen Fry agrees with me!


I had no idea, had to take a pen and paper and see. 7 it is!




hahaha uhm no, more like normal ppl… :rofl::rofl: you seem to be the only weirdo in our group


“Trendsetter” is the term I’d use. You just watch. Run the poll again in a years time and see how many of you have switched over to the better X.


Is it weird that, when posed with this question, I completely forgot how to draw an X, and doubted myself completely, rethinking my entire writing process and how I deal with information and life itself?


Likewise, had to pull out a piece of paper and then try not think about what I was doing.

I follow pattern 8. I am also left handed, any other lefties here?I wonder if that is a factor


I am 8 but hit the wrong option in the vote!


Now I want to see how you all write your 5’s


I am left handed, also wondering if there might be a link to the way you make certain letters differently depending on if you are left or right handed.

Also does anyone do the “x” that is basically a smaller version of this: )(

Like in algebra?


Is one supposed to write their “x” though? Orher than hate mail, of course…


im right handed… so…

i used to write it like that after i left school but then i grew up and got really lazy.


I wrote my ex off.