How much mobile data do you use?


I top up with 3GB about once a month. I’m mostly on W-Fi at work and at home, but when I’m not I’m also not very data conscious and stream video etc without giving it much thought.


50GB per month on wifi? What the heck do you do? I only use about 6GB per month on wifi.

Then I have 4 GB per month on my phone, 2 from MTN and 2 from Afrihost.


Pr0n obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


On average, it seems like about 89.152% of my data usage is for Reddit. And according to my tracking app, I average around about 23h 13mintes per month on reddit. Which according to rough calculations is about 32Mb per minute. Which sounds about right considering that the official reddit app auto plays videos and gifs, so a lot of data is processes. Plus the WIFI speed I get rarely goes down below 15Mbps, so plenty of speed to obtain those values.

For math:
32x60 = 1920Mb/h of Reddit
23h 13 minutes = (23x1920)+(32x13) = 44576Mb/month ~ 44.576Gb/month (I know there are 1024 bits between mega and giga, but rought calculations okay)
(44.576/50)x100 = 89.152% of total spent of data per month on via the official reddit app


Virtually nothing. Connect to wifi at home and at work.


About 3Gb per month judging using the last 5 days as a reference.