How much mobile data do you use?

I want to get a feeling for how much mobile data you guys use or do you hop from wifi to wifi?

Also who has the cheapest data that you found. Rain seems interesting.


I mostly hop from wifi to wifi. Don’t use much mobile data at all.


2 gig per month on my phone on vodacom part of my contract, have rain for the work office with the R250 uncapped.

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My phone contract has 10gb data per month. I don’t really use much wifi


Looking at the stats within Android settings, it seems I average around about 4GB mobile data usage per month, and about 50GB WIFI data usage on my cell phone a month.

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Where do I see the stats Hammer?

Settings > Connections > Data usage.

Should be there if you’re on Android 8.0 and higher I think. You can check both Mobile and WIFI data usage. I’m not sure how accurate it is though, but it’s a good indication

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± 500MB p/m because i’m mostly on wifi

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Meh mine doesnt show it, I do have android 8.0 but I can see just what I have used thusfar.

I do know I average about 1.5gigs of mobile data which I get with my contract. The rest of the time I wifihop

Beats me, I’m mostly on WiFi and I get uncapped mobile data for around R180 pm

Depends on if our main connection is down :stuck_out_tongue: Which happened a lot this month so far…

I accidental used up 1.77gb on my work phone because I forgot to turn of auto-updates while using mobile data.

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How’d you manage that? Who? Where?

Not in SA, it’s a standard £10pm month to month

im mostly on wifi but i play pokemon and that requires data when im not at home or the office. i use about 800mb per month. but i generally dont go onto instagram with mobile data and instagram loves data. i do occasionally visit youtube on mobile data but not a lot. Im on telkom and get 1gb of all network ussage and whatsapp is generelly free

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I have eventually reached the end of my tether with Telkom Mobile. In our office, I lose Telkom reception in various areas. The basement, the kitchen and most importantly…the toilets. i NEED my data most of all while i am sitting on the porcelain throne.

So I am now moving across to MTN. Might be getting a super sweet contract! just waiting to see if it pans out…

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I’m usually on wifi, but since MTN offered me a cheap package that gives me 20GB of data a month I try use that as often as I can - still only land up using a few gigs though.

The bulk of my data usage is on the WiFi at home, thanks to uncapped ADSL. However I have a 5GB FreeMe package from Telkom Mobile which is more than sufficient for when I’m on the move.

I do about 1gb per month (size of my contract). Sometimes top up with 500mb-1gb. I have WiFi at home, and terrible Telkom reception at work, so I can save a bit of money on mobile data

Wifi mostly, i am slowly acquiring the town’s wifi hotspots(legally ofcourse) but in emergencys i just use my airtime, rarely buy data.

I’m on some pay as you go contract thing with Vodacom where I get something like R50 per month airtime, and then I usually just convert it to data because I don’t make calls anyway. That usually lasts me through a month unless I have issues with my normal home internet.