How Xbox Game Pass is opening up opportunity for developers to try new ideas

I found the following article that gives an interesting insight into how the game pass model is giving Microst’s bought studios opportunity to try some of their bolder game ideas:

It also briefly explores the fact that developers need to be aware of making a good first impression in the game to keep players playing since they aren’t as invested in the game as someone who’s paid for it.

Also the topic of game length comes up at the end. The game pass can take some pressure off developers to pad their games to be longer (to justify the price) and so the type of game can be the main determiner of the game length rather. As a fan of shorter, novel experiences this is good to hear.

Have a look at the article and we can discuss some of the points here.


Maybe this will help with the padding. But my opinion, a lot of indie games I just don’t enjoy.