Hyper Scape

A new day, a new battle royale, this time from Ubisoft. With the genre being fairly crowded by some big titles Hyper Scape needs to do things differently to set it apart:

  • 100% Urban Battleground - makes a nice change from the open fields
  • Abilities that you “loot” - so not character based
  • Game-changing events, with a Twitch integration so that viewers can vote on game-changing effects

The Open Beta is now available on Uplay and is a humble 9GB download.


Not big on BR genre and gameplay loop, spent the most time in Apex legends which was probably around 10 houra. Still waiting for one of them to do something revolutionary that breaks this mould.

Also, I really dislike this kind of game integration.

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Ja, that’ll be interesting for the really top-tier matches, but utterly useless to 99% of players.

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