I am looking for these board games/card games

  1. Descent: Journeys into the dark second edition.

Looking for it first hand or second hand or just a good price on it from a store you know that delivers.

  1. Magic the gathering: basic cards

Second hand please. I want to see if my youngest will enjoy the game my wife and I played for years both socially and competitively. Sadly we gave most of our cards away to a friend who moved to the UK. All we got left are collectors cards which we dont want to play with.

I am looking for basic cards no one wants anymore like lands, commons to make some beginner decks out of.

Will pay for delivery and also the cards if you are reasonable about the price :wink:



I have a first edition copy of Descent, if you’re interested.

Also have a bunch of Magic cards, though I would want to sell them. I stopped playing around Mercadian Masques, but have cards dating back to Arabian Nights if memory serves.


Anyone have any experience with Raru? Are they reliable? I also saw the game for R1k from Ubuy but then saw the company is based in Dubai and decided against that.


Thanks @SIGSTART, I managed to find some magic cards since the posting. From what I read the first edition version takes a ton of time to play and the second edition is much shorter in terms of sit down time. Thanks for the offer though!


Ive ordered posters and a few other things from them, never an issue. I trust them plus if you do have an issue, you can contact them via SAgamer forums


That is great news! Thanks @Wyvern


Its a pleasure, the last poster I ordered, I miss read the dimensions - thought it was an A3 size, it arrived framed in glass as an A2 poster - wrapped so well that there was not a scratch or cracked glass at all


MTG - Just too late, about 2 weeks ago I literally threw away all my common and uncommon cards away. Just kept my fave decks I built


Best bet is to buy 1 or 2 intro decks
Cost like R150 per intro deck